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Fractured Information: Day 353

The brain fills in the missing information to build what we see, what if our information is corrupt?

1/250 sec;   f/2.8;   ISO 200

1/250 sec; f/2.8; ISO 200

Belo Horizonte Central Market: Day 351

1/125 sec;   f/2.0;   ISO 200

1/125 sec; f/2.0; ISO 200

Dreaming of the Open Road: Day 347

1/250 sec;   f/2.0;   ISO 200

1/250 sec; f/2.0;

Belo Horizonte… Traffic…

Sao Paulo: Day 343

So I have not posted in quite some time. I kinda have a  good reason, I have relocated my life to Brasil. Its been busy… So here is a photo in an effort to finish off the year posting as I meant to.

This is my  view of Paulista Avenue in Sao Paulo, well my view for the few days I was in Sao Paulo.

1/64 sec;   f/6.4;   ISO 200

1/64 sec; f/6.4; ISO 200

I am still on the fence about this city, its big, hectic and crazy. The traffic jams go on for 100’s of KM but it still has a great vibe and I had fun here. Will I be living here in this gigantic city? who knows, maybe one day…

People Watching in San Gimignano:Day 277

On a recent trip to Italy we passed through San Gimignano, what a beautiful place, so peaceful… Whilst walking around near sunset I saw this line of old folk sitting down and gazing out. I had to grab a shot!

They all looked so happy, sharing jokes and smiling at me as I snapped away. The light is so nice, you can just see the burn of the sun on the wall as it disappears  behind the church opposite.

Upon asking why they sat there we got a simple answer, just passing the time and watching the world go by! Beautiful!

1/250 sec;   f/3.2;   ISO 500

1/250 sec; f/3.2; ISO 500


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Wife: Day 253

The title gives a clue to this one…


1/500 sec;   f/1.4;   ISO 250

1/500 sec; f/1.4; ISO 250