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A Sunrise Walk, A Fuji X-Pro1 and Some Thoughts.

I took these a while ago now, one cold morning I was inspired to get up and go for a sunrise walk through the fields to take some photos. I took with me the Fuji X-Pro1 and nothing else.

As I walked the sun rose, it was so peaceful and calm. The beauty of the light and the way it hung off the leaves and the morning air was incredible, i didn’t take to many images in the end I just walked and soaked it all in.

My mind got to thinking how this beautiful place is being destroyed for greed, for the pursuit of profit, man made paper and digits on a computer, how we are killing the living organism that we grew out of, part of the whole that we are. These words came to me , I guess they are about the side of the human psyche that is committing this crime, they probably only make sense to me but I wanted to share anyway.  To be honest they hardly make sense to me but they appeared in my head so I wrote them down.

Landscapes with words.

Fuji X-Pro1 Poem landscape photography

City Ghosts: Day 82

As city ghosts pass silently,

Faceless traffic burn eyes jealously,

Permeate the pane of this reality,

Deep into our perennial psyche.

1/32 sec;   f/2.8;   ISO 2500

1/32 sec; f/2.8; ISO 2500