Fashion Photography with the Fuji X-Pro1

As you are well aware now I love my Fuji X-Pro1, I think its great, it just works. Although I have always said its the most perfect second camera I decided to test the X-Pro1 out as the main camera on a shoot, a risk as so many people put so much into a fashion shoot you really cant get it wrong. I must admit though the risk wasn’t huge as my DSLR was by my side just incase I couldn’t deliver with this little experiment. But all the same I wanted to see how I could work with the Fuji in a more intense environment and I wanted to know if it could deliver.

Now for this post I’ll keep the words short and let the images speak for themselves, I just have a few notes to give on how I found the process…

I am very dialed in with my workflow so the X-Pro1 was already rocking the boat a little, the one main gripe I had with it throughout the day was its speed, SLOOOOW… thats compared to my DSLR, as this was on the streets I was just snapping and grabbing the moments as they came, using auto focus was a pain, I couldn’t really see what I was doing with manual focus so had to stick to auto. Its pretty accurate but its lag slowed the day down a little, I got frustrated its fair to say. I usually shoot tethered so having to rely on the screen for focus was a bit new…

There is one great thing I noticed though, I love shooting wide open and suffer by not having sharp pictures most of the time, the Fuji has helped that a fair bit and it made me happy. The 35mm f1.4 lens is amazing wide open, now with the DSLR I would find my DOF really shallow but the benefit of having the smaller sensor is a greater DOP when shooting wide open, this resulted in sharp eyes and blurred backgrounds, result!

Another great thing with the X-Pro1 is that you are practically invisible when shooting and don’t attract loads of attention, smaller is better sometimes…

I’ll shut up now and let you browse the pictures…


With thanks to:

Model: Ola @ Premier

Hair : Elvire Roux

Makeup : Kristina Ralph


Have a look at some more of my work here:




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