Wild London Life, London WildLife: Day 39

I saw this lady coming and hurried across the road to grab a shot. I was rushing and shooting from the hip but i think its quite powerful with her so dominant in the frame.

1/250 sec;   f/6.4;   ISO 500

1/250 sec; f/6.4; ISO 500

A quick note, i have been using the screen on the rear of the camera to frame the shots subtly, its something i never imagined i’d do…



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2 responses to “Wild London Life, London WildLife: Day 39”

  1. Mary says :

    what a great shot from shooting at the hip – do you find you get lots of photos where peoples heads are cut off, or can you really photograph people without them noticing…?

    • kisskissclick says :

      Thanks very much! I had a couple of headless people at first, now however i can judge the angle i need to hold the camera as well as the focal length i have. I find a really fast shutter speed helps as it freezes the action even though i am walking!

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