China Town Geezer’s: Day 32

They look pretty cool, like characters from a film,  they only have small parts but you’d remember them…

1/125 sec;   f/3.6;   ISO 3200

1/125 sec; f/3.6; ISO 3200

I am getting far to used to shooting from the hip, i need to use the X-Pro1 Optical View finder more. That’s what its there for! I am going to start to make myself frame shots properly again, after all that’s why i got this camera and not a smaller point and shoot!


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4 responses to “China Town Geezer’s: Day 32”

  1. gellipower says :

    Hi Paul – just discovered your blog and we are really impressed. It’s great to see your photography and your eye develop as the days go by, and we’re looking forward to the next 333 days. We have emigrated from London at the moment and you’re making us want to go back!

    We are big photography fans and you are inspiring us. We prefer 35mm as cannot get the depth from our digital. But you seem to be doing just great!

  2. alisonsye says :

    Love your ‘film’ description, really sums it up and made me laugh

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