One Year Older: Day 20

Today’s picture, a cold, lonely and snowy platform at Leamington Spa train Station. It felt good to be the only person on the platform waiting for the 10:17 to Marylebone, i wasn’t alone for long though its always a busy service. I am sure you don’t want a train timetable fact sheet, so i will comment on the image.

I love the view, its almost like a inverted tunnel with the sky and the ground merging in colour. The way the light blows out the center of the image makes it look like a exit to another place and time, away from this weather!

1/250 sec;   f/5.0;   ISO 500

1/250 sec; f/5.0; ISO 500

As today is my birthday (i turned 33) i have not been doing very much. Just took a train in the morning and spent the afternoon waiting for my wife to return from the USA. We went out for a birthday lunch and she snapped a quick portrait of me (i think hers is sharper than any of mine). I thought i would add it here, not for egotistical reasons but to record the way i look for prosperity. I am sure it will be nice to look back on it in December, also anyone who happens to be reading can see what the man behind the lens looks like, although i am sure you don’t really care….

1/64 sec;   f/2.0;   ISO 640

1/64 sec; f/2.0; ISO 640


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3 responses to “One Year Older: Day 20”

  1. Uncle N. says :

    hey quite late but – happy birthday…

  2. Frank Asgarali says :

    It is not that I cared, but it is nice to know the face that belongs to words I read and the pictures that go with them. I hope your birthday was a nice one, lots of
    succes, health and hapiness. I enjoy your blog.

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