Fuji X-Pro1 meet Capture One Pro 7.0.2 : Day 15

I have been waiting for this day, i am excited it has arrived!

Now i am not usually a massive tech geek but this is brilliant, Capture One Pro 7 now supports my Fuji X-Pro1. If that is a foreign language for you, it basically means i can now shoot Raw images and process them properly. If that is a foreign language for you, it means i can take the same pictures a bit differently and have more control over my mistakes.

Here we have Day 15’s Photo. An image i took on my way to Old Street tube. The Shoreditch Grind is an interesting place visually especially at night, reminds me of a hopper painting. I love the way the condensation obscures the clientele while a lone hipster rolls his cigarette outside under the neon signs… There is a lot of atmosphere in here, i find the steamy window almost painterly.

1/64 sec;   f/4.0;   ISO 2000

1/64 sec; f/4.0; ISO 2000

There is a little bit extra in today’s post, i just wanted to share a couple of images i quickly processed in Capture to see how it behaved. Nothing amazing, just 2 nice (ish) images i dug out quickly.

Now i will state i am not the most technical guy, not because i don’t know about the ins and outs of it. I am just not that interested in it, all i want is a good photo, i know what i need to do technically to (hopefully) achieve it and that satisfies me. I am more interested in the process than the tools i guess.

I use the Capture One software everyday, i am a photographer after all, I also do a bit of high-end fashion/advertising retouching, i have processed files on Capture One from most cameras and it always delivers.  So i am just happy that i can now get back to my usual work flow with the Fuji X-Pro1 and switch to shooting just RAW and ditch the jpegs…

I also don’t have any comparisons from other process engines here, just Capture One, that’s because i never use any other software and this isn’t really a review, i see it more of an outpouring of relief to be able to finally use the software with my new toy.

If you find yourself curious about images processed with Capture One Pro have a look below.

Here is my friend the chestnut guy again, I processed this out black and white with darkening and contrast applied in Capture One. I am impressed with the lack of noise or smudging on the file. A good sign.

1/64 sec;   f/5.0;   ISO 2500

1/64 sec; f/5.0; ISO 2500

Here he is cropped. Not bad at all considering the high ISO.


So to show you another file,  here is a little snap i took of the flowers on my kitchen table. (yawn)

1/125 sec;   f/2.0;   ISO 320

1/125 sec; f/2.0; ISO 320

And here they are cropped… Again here the image is not smudgy (not really in focus either… eeek)

1/125 sec;   f/2.0;   ISO 320

1/125 sec; f/2.0; ISO 320


I am not to sure what those images demonstrate, i am just excited to be using Capture One Pro with my Fuji and wanted to share that excitement with anyone who reads this. The next 350 days will be RAW thats for sure!



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2 responses to “Fuji X-Pro1 meet Capture One Pro 7.0.2 : Day 15”

  1. Toby Sillence says :

    That chestnut picture is just awesome!

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