It’s all an Illusion: Day 10

It was as if the sun was trying to give me a message, only i couldn’t read its writing and all i could see were beautiful abstract shapes…

Maybe it was a reminder, my plato’s cave, a nudge to say its all an illusion, that all these projections do not cement my reality.

1/250 sec;   f/8;   ISO 400

1/250 sec; f/8; ISO 400

I loved the way the light was going through the building and was projected onto the tarpaulin opposite.  I snatched at this shot a bit unfortunately and for this i found the 18mm lens really not wide enough, this explains my slightly odd angle, i would love to have had a totally square on shot.

Now i am working again i am finding it increasingly hard to get good shots, the luxury to meander through the streets of London is a distant memory, its all about rushing to get to work, hurrying to grab lunch and fighting to get home again. I need to reassess how i interact with my day to get some good pictures.

But day 10 down… That’s a good thing…


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One response to “It’s all an Illusion: Day 10”

  1. hakanahlden says :

    Hello, I realy love this picture.

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