Trafalgar Hoodie: Day 6 + Fuji X-Pro1 Mini Review

Evening at Trafalgar Square, i found a nice frame and lay in wait for about 30 minutes to get this shot. Its a good job i was alone walking around as it would have been very boring for anyone else. Thrilling for me though. Like a City Safari…

I fired off a lot of frames as people walked by. This hooded guy walked through my frame and i knew i had got what i wanted and could move on.

1/125 sec;   f/2.0;   ISO 2500

1/125 sec; f/2.0; ISO 2500

Fuji X-Pro1 Mini Review Time:

Quite a test of the ISO again for the Fuji X-Pro1. The quality of the file is not amazing, (when zoomed into 100% +) a bit noisy, it is just a jpeg from camera though 72dpi etc… It was dark so what do you expect? This really is not a problem in my eyes, just scan some 35mm film grain and chuck it on top of the image to hide the mess and job done, i have disguised stuff even on a pretty big print this way. I have found the focus in this low light frustrating still, so for this shot i manually guessed my range and set it up and snapped away, simple if you have the frame already in your head. i am finding little irritations with the camera, but in reality anyone will have them with any camera. Its about adapting to the machine in your hand, becoming part of it and getting the best out of it. This takes practice, i know i am still assimilating this camera into my life but at this point into my love affair i have nothing but praise. It kicks out a damn good and large file, so if you get that lucky shot you can print it up for an exhibition no problems, better the X-Pro1 on you than a low quality point and shoot…

I should have pushed the ISO higher as there is still some movement at 1/125 sec but hey… Its good enough for the blog…


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2 responses to “Trafalgar Hoodie: Day 6 + Fuji X-Pro1 Mini Review”

  1. Ken Pinfold says :

    I like the movement

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