The Fuji X-Pro1 and I get acquainted…

So i have had the Fuji XPro-1 camera in my hands for about 5 days now, i instantly fell in love with it. Now i am not really a technical photographer, i know what i like and generally like what i know. So changing my work flow is a challenge ,I use Capture One Pro, a Canon 5D Mk2/3 and a Hassleblad with P65 DigiBack when Budget allows… but for this little box of magic i was going to change my processing ways, but now i dont have to, Capture One will support this beauty.

I only have the 18mm lens for now and i don’t really like a wide lens, but, i LOVE this… Its simple. This isn’t a review, more a proclamation of love.

But all this is pointless really so lets look at some picture. (BTW i have never done any street photography so this is a first for me, encouraged by the Fuji XPro-1

1/64 sec;   f/2.8;   ISO 800

1/64 sec; f/2.8; ISO 800

1/64 sec;   f/3.2;   ISO 640

1/64 sec; f/3.2; ISO 640

1/64 sec;   f/3.2;   ISO 640

1/64 sec; f/3.2; ISO 640

1/125 sec;   f/3.2;   ISO 400

1/125 sec; f/3.2; ISO 400

1/250 sec;   f/2.8;   ISO 400

1/250 sec; f/2.8; ISO 400

1/12 sec;   f/2.0;   ISO 500

1/12 sec; f/2.0; ISO 500


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13 responses to “The Fuji X-Pro1 and I get acquainted…”

  1. PRAMUDIYA says :

    incredible photos. really intrigued by the fuji xpro-1

  2. ML (@pholux_martin) says :

    Man! Those are pretty good photos. I think it’s really interesting with this Fuji X System, that some photographers blame it for its quirks and slowness while others are able to accustom themselves and produce really great results. Looking forward to your 365 Project!

    • kisskissclick says :

      Thanks very much! The Fuji has quirks thats for sure, but all cameras do i guess. I love it enough to change the way i shoot, it seems to be about thinking about a shot and not grabbing at a shot!

  3. gimletsandfilm says :

    Glad to see you and the X Pro 1 are becoming acquainted and it appears to be a good fit! I really enjoyed the shot of the man smoking with the layers of people between you and the subject. Great shot.

  4. Tristan says :

    Congratulations with your new camera.
    I’m curious. Why did you choose the X-Pro instead of the X-E1?

    • kisskissclick says :

      To be honest i didn’t even consider the X-E1. Controversial maybe. I saw it but for me the OVF is very needed, now after having a few weeks with the X-Pro1 i use the OVF pretty much all the time, i feel more a part of the process. I am sure the X-E1 is great, but for me the design of the X-Pro1 has that something special that the X-E1 just doesn’t have. Totally subjective yes, but the X-Pro1 makes me excited to look at, to hold and to use.

      • Peter Fauland says :

        I am just in the phase of deciding if I should get the E1 or the Pro1. For me the size and weight is also a major factor. Being used only to heavy and massive cameras up to now, I was shocked when I first played with the X-E1 in my local camera store… it’s so small and light like a feather 🙂

  5. lucpher says :

    Excellent photos you got there with the Xpro1!

  6. sshaw says :

    Nice job, I out a bunch of BW with 35mm on instagram.. apex21

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